About us

This work has been made possible by a —HHMI Educational grant 2010-2014. The project is led by Craig Ogilvie, cogilvie@iastate.edu, along with co-PIs on the grant: —Cinzia Cervato, Tom Greenbowe, Jo Anne Powell-Coffman, Gene Takle.
The change has been created, designed, and implemented through —Faculty Learning Communities that have been facilitated by  —Charles Kerton, Stan Harpole, Bill Gallus, Nikki Pohl, Diane Bassham, Jim Colbert, Tom Greenbowe, Doug Gentile, Paula Siklody, Nancy Boury, David Vleck, Phil Becraft, Soeren Prell, Tom Holme, Alex Travesset, Jason Chen, Clark Coffman, Cinzia Cervato.
A key part of the success has been —HHMI Science Teaching Fellows; Liz Addis, Mike Slade, Glene’ Mynhardt, Emily Elliot, Carol  Chaffee. We have partnered with —chemistry education postdocs, Kim Linenberger, Jeff Raker, Community College Leaders
—Jermaine Johnson, Sally Willson, Chris Russell. The work has been administered by —CESMEE staff Patsey Reilly, Tracie Miller, Stacy Renfro