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Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology  All you need to know about earthquakes, from reports on research earthquakes, to research data, derived products, software, and web services, to educational resources including lessons, lectures, and videos


NOAA View for weather and ocean data 

Iowa Environmental Mesonet Weather data, based at ISU

USGS Geo Data Portal  A catalog of the datasets that have been tested to work well for access with the USGS Geo Data Portal (GDP) - mostly climate data

Google Earth -- can be used for landscape/terrain studies, also for Moon and Mars 


EarthScope is a program of the National Science Foundation (NSF) that has deployed thousands of seismic, GPS, and other geophysical instruments to study the structure and evolution of the North American continent and the processes that cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It includes research data and teaching materials

USGS Gives access to real-time data on earthquakes, volcanoes, water, floods, geomagnetism, remote sensing, landslides, droughts, and wildfires

Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance  IEDA is a community-based facility that serves to support, sustain, and advance the geosciences by providing data services for observational Geoscience data from the Ocean, Earth, and Polar Sciences.

Integrated Microbial Genomes


PMR: Plant/Eukaryotic and Microbial Systems Resource -- This online tool is made ‘in house’, contains chemical and transcript data from various organisms)

Project EDDIE: Environmental data-driven inquiry and exploration, includes modules on lakes, soils, stream discharge, water quality, nutrient loading, and climate change


ICPSR:  Resources to find and analyze demographic datasets


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