Large Scale Educational Change

Undertaking a university-wide, large-scale education project is a non-trivial challenge. We base many of our change mechanisms using the twin theories of "emergent change" and "learning organizations". Namely that at a university with many dedicated faculty, change must come from faculty discussing what students are having difficulty with and what can be done to increase student learning. 
The three cornerstone components for our change project are  —
  1. Faculty Learning Communities
    • Time/space to discuss what change is needed
    • Support during implementation
    • 80+ faculty involved
  2. Science educator postdocs
    • Bring energy, time, expertise and short-timescale
  3. Graduate TA Learning Communities (GTALC)
    • How students learn
    • —Led by senior TAs and postdocs

Image of HHMI Science Teaching Postdocs






The HHMI Science Teaching Postdocs: (left to right) Elizabeth Addis, Emily Elliott, Michael Slade, and Glené Mynhardt.