Educational impact

We are impacting over 8000 students each year thorugh our changes to courses. The graph below shows a growing number of students engaged in doing science within their courses over the past 4 years.

We have three main project goals, details on each can be found via the links on the left

  1. Retention of STEM majors
    • At the beginning of the HHMI project, 74% of freshmen STEM majors returned as STEM majors for their sophomore year.
    • This has now increased to 79%
  2. Increased understanding of the Nature of Science
    • Students self-report an increase in understanding that science requires creativity
    • Students increased their understanding of the processes of science
  3. More dept-level conversations about teaching and learning 
    • Over 80 faculty have been involved in Faculty Learning Communities
    • An increase by a factot of three in the number of regular (at least once per month) faculty-to-faculty conversations.