1. What are the needs of your department? Speak with your chair and undergraduate advisors. Share at faculty meetings.

  2. Can this course be counted in your teaching load?

  3. What are the limits to class size? How can you scale up your class?

  4. If creating a new course, consider the following

    1. At what level should this course be placed?

    2. If you need TAs, who controls them?

    3. Do you need a special designation to acquire lab fees?

    4. What is the minimum number of students required?

    5. How does this course integrate into the curriculum?

    6. Can it replace any courses?

    7. Is it an extra course?

    8. Is it required?

    9. To which majors will it contribute?

    10. Can this be included as part of a learning community?

    11. What is the audience (how many students do you expect to be interested?)

  5. If renovating an existing course, consider the following:

    1. Are there any limitations with the existing class space?

    2. Are the teaching assistants provided sufficient (if any)?

  6. How can you provide additional support to your course?

    1. Include as broader impacts in grant proposals

    2. ISU alumni foundation

    3. Industry partnerships

    4. NSF-IUSE

    5. College-level support

    6. Miller grant