Info for students

We are excited that you have more opportunities to do science in your first few years at ISU. While we acknowledge that the choices of courses is constrained by your 4-year plan, here is a list of t the courses that have been reformed as part of the HHMI project. We hope you have a chance to enroll in one of these.


course Name type of reform
Bio 211L Principles of Biology Laboratory I. inquiry labs
Bio 212L Principles of Biology Laboratory II. inquiry labs
Chem 177L Laboratory in General Chemistry I. inquiry labs
Chem 178L Laboratory in College Chemistry II. inquiry labs
Phys 111 General Physics I inquiry labs
Phys 112 General Physics II inquiry labs
Phys 221 Introduction to Classical Physics I. (calculus-based) inquiry labs
Phys 222 Introduction to Classical Physics II. (calculus-based) inquiry labs
Bio 212 Principles of Biology II active learning in lecture
Chem 324 Intro to Quantum Mechanics active learning in lecture
Phys 361 Classical Mechanics active learning in lecture
Phys 362 Intermediate Mechanics active learning in lecture
Astro 250 Astronomy Bizarre res. Module
Astro 344L Astronomy Lab res. Module
Astro 346 Intro to Astrophysics res. Module
Bio 256L  Human physiology res. Module
Bio 313L  Genetics res. Module
Bio 423L  Developmental Biology Lab  res. Module
BIOLOGY 354L   Animal Behavior res. Module
Chem 201  Advanced General Chemistry res. Module
Chem 334L Laboratory in Organic Chemistry II (for Chemistry and Biochemistry Majors). res. Module
Geol 100L The Earth: Laboratory. res. Module
Mteor 301 General Meteorology. res. Module
Psych 440  Psychological Measurement I. res. Module